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The Psychological Association of Western New York (PAWNY) condemns racism and hate in all forms. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and People of Color locally and nationally who are calling for systemic change and calling out the recurrent failure of our criminal justice system to provide accountability and justice for victims of racially biased acts of violence. We stand with the individuals, families and communities that have been impacted by the trauma of racially motivated murders, racial violence, discrimination and dehumanization for centuries.

As social scientists and practitioners of psychology we are aware of the damaging mental health effects of repeated exposure to racial profiling, bias and violence. And the era of COVID-19 has issued us a profoundly painful reminder that this chronic stress is coupled with and exacerbated by persistent social and health inequities. We are determined organizationally to respond to what the American Psychological Association has called the “pandemic of racism” by assisting our members with the training and tools they will need to do so. We are also committed to finding better and more intentional ways to engage in community outreach and anti-racism efforts.

Toward this end we are planning to take or expand on the following actions:

  1. Adding a dedicated resource section to our website for individuals and communities impacted by racism and racial trauma as well as information for clinicians treating this form of traumatic stress.
  2. Sharing relevant links to our Facebook page.
  3. Refocusing most of our community outreach initiatives to address the mental health effects of racism OR creating a standout Anti-Racism Taskforce that focuses community outreach initiatives to address the mental health effects of racism (to be discussed and voted upon at our Board meeting next week.
  4. Initiating threads on the listserv focused on relevant clinical issues that are arising and resource sharing/dissemination.
  5. Offering a Zoom PAWNY Discussion Group meeting on this topic in the coming months.

PAWNY stands with APA and NYSPA in seeking ways to utilize the unique position we occupy as a discipline to promote equity, inclusion and access. We recognize that we have a lot of listening to do and we come to this moment with willing ears and open hearts.


Anti-Racism Task Force

  • PAWNY’s Anti-Racism Task Force - PAWNY’s Anti-Racism Task Force was formed in June 2020 in response to the nationwide call to examine and ameliorate the deleterious effects of racism on the mental and physical health of People of Color and in particular, African Americans in the United States.

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