CE Membership Program

PAWNY is an approved NYS Provider for Psychology CEs!

PAWNY CE Membership Program (PCEMP)

For an annual fee of $65.00 (payable in July/August), PCEMP members will receive CE credit for attending PAWNY Educational Events offered during our programming year of September to June. This fee is in addition to your general PAWNY membership dues, and it will cover the administration costs of our CE program.

To get the most out of this optional PAWNY benefit, we highly recommend signing up for PCEMP in July/August, when you renew your PAWNY membership, and before the educational programs begin. If you decide to join PCEMP at some later point, the cost will remain $65.00; the annual fee will not be prorated. Additionally, you will not be able to retroactively obtain CEs for programs that you attended before joining PCEMP.


We will be offering CE credit for:

Discussion Groups:

  • Our Discussion Groups run for 2 hours on either Fridays mornings or Thursday nights throughout the year.
  • Only active PAWNY members can attend these events that are free of cost to members.
  • The format will be a 1 hour educational presentation followed by an hour of discussion for a total of 2 CEs.
  • CEs will not be provided unless you are in PCEMP and cannot be purchased per event.

Workshops & Conferences:

  • This coming year we plan to offer 2 Saturday Workshop (3 CE each with 1 in the Fall and 1 in the Winter) and 1 full-day, in person Spring Conference on a Friday in April 2023.
  • These will be open to all NYS psychologists and likely to other mental health professionals.
  • There will be event registration fees to cover speaker fees, venue, etc.
  • If you are in PCEMP, your CEs for these programs will be provided at no additional cost.
  • If you are not in PCEMP and require the CEs, there will be an upcharge of $30.00 for a CE Certificate in addition to your event registration fee.

Not a PAWNY Member?

Please complete your membership application on our website and wait for this application to be acknowledged/accepted before signing up for the CE Membership Program.

Steps to sign up for the CE Membership Program:

Please complete the registration form and follow the prompts to submit a payment of $65.00 through PayPal.


For questions about the new CE Membership Program, please contact ceprogram@pawny.org or see the FAQ below.

PAWNY Continuing Education Membership Program FAQ

PCEMP is PAWNY’s Continuing Education Program. It is an optional addition to a general PAWNY membership that gives you the opportunity to earn CE hours from PAWNY educational programs.

NYS now requires all licensed psychologists to complete 36 hours of approved CE courses for each three-year registration period. As a CE Member, you would be able to complete the majority of your annual CE hours through programs that PAWNY offers, many of which you might plan to attend anyway.

Your $65.00 annual fee will cover the cost of your CE hours. However, some of PAWNY’s educational events, such as conferences or workshops, may have additional registration fees.

Most of PAWNY's educational programs will offer CE hours. The number of CE hours will depend on the type of program:

  • Discussion Groups: 2 CEs. One-hour presentation followed by one-hour discussion. Online.
  • Workshops: 3 CEs. Half day. Online or in-person.
  • Conferences: 5 or more CEs. Full day. In-person.

If you do not join PCEMP, you may purchase CEs per event for workshops or conferences only. The cost is $30.00 per event. CE hours cannot be purchased for discussion groups.

PCEMP is based on the educational calendar that runs September thru June. We recommend joining PCEMP before the PAWNY educational year begins in September to avoid missing out on CE opportunities.

You may join at a later date, but there will be no pro-rating; regardless of when you join, the fee will be $65.00 and will be due again the following July/August.

There are three things:

First, you must register for CEs prior to the start of the event, either by joining PCEMP or by purchasing CE hours for the specific program. You will not be able to purchase CEs after a program begins.

Second, you must attend the educational event in full. Arriving 10 minutes late or leaving 10 minutes early will disqualify you from receiving CE credit. The CE coordinator for the event will monitor attendance.

Third, at the conclusion of the CE program, you will receive an email with a program evaluation. You must complete and return the program evaluation within 7 days of the event.

CE certificates will be sent electronically within 14 days upon the receipt of a completed program evaluation and verification of attendance.

No certificates will be awarded without a submitted evaluation.

Please, do not do this!

Certificates of Attendance will not be re-issued if lost or misplaced by the participant.

The NYS Education Department requires psychologists to keep a record of all programs attended for CEs for 6 years. We recommend that you keep both an electronic copy of your certificate as well as a hard copy. You may want to create a folder for all CE activities.

Educational Calendar

Friday, June 2, 2023

PAWNY Member Discussion Group

Topic: TBA/Open Clinical Discussion

Educational Event

Presented by: Caryn Bartnik, Psy.D.

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Online/Zoom

CE Offered: None

Cost: Free to Members

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