Student and Early Career Committee

Student Benefits to Joining PAWNY

  • Access to the PAWNY listserv, connecting you with local psychologists in the Western New York area, and a source for referrals, information sharing, and professionally relevant topics.
  • Reduced fees to attend educational programs, with a range of programming that includes local experts nationally recognized in their field.
  • A wide range of social events, for an opportunity to connect with other psychologists personally as well as professionally.

Student Affiliate Eligibility

Any Doctoral Student in Psychology. Student affiliates shall have the privileges of full members, except the right to vote and hold office. However, student members are eligible to serve as Student/Early Career Committee Chair, in which case they would be able to vote as a member of the Association board on internal board matters, as well as on matters submitted to the membership at large.

Participation in the Student and Early Career Committee (SECC)

The SECC and benefits to joining the committee:

  • The Student/Early Career Committee was formed in August 2020 to provide support, connections, and resources to local doctoral psychology students and early career psychologists in the Western New York area. This includes hosting different events and training experiences, as well as offering resources tailored to the needs of students and psychologists who have recently graduated (within the past three years).
  • Members may receive additional community support and networking opportunities via PAWNY events. We would be happy to consult with you regarding any additional ways to support your continued success.
  • Opportunity to participate in additional PAWNY committees as members, such as the Anti-Racism Task Force, Community Engagement, etc. (See Ways to Get Involved)

Ways to Get Involved/Events

Join PAWNY Committees

PAWNY student members can join any committee within PAWNY. Committees are a great opportunity to get involved and make connections with psychologists practicing in the area! Below is a list of current PAWNY committees and their foci:

  • Anti-Racism Task Force: The goal of the ARTF is to promote equity, inclusion, and increased access to culturally responsive mental health resources in our community.
  • Communication: Responsible for maintenance of the PAWNY website/social media sites and for creating and disseminating print and electronic publications on behalf of the association.
  • Community Engagement: Develop and coordinate resources, programs, and events that will improve communication and collaboration with the broader community.
    • Participate in community events and outreach
    • Help to connect PAWNY to the greater WNY community
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: Work to promote DEI programming, the infusion of DEI principles into all materials developed by the board, the development of inclusive practices in recruitment, and the furthering of goals related to the PAWNY Racial and Ethnic Minority Scholarship Program.
  • Mental Health Connection WNY: MH aims to connect mental health providers in the community. They have a portal that acts in past as a resource center and referral source.
  • Program and Education: Provide CE programming opportunities for behavioral health providers in the WNY area. Host annual Spring Conference, Student Research Night, and various events throughout the year
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Task Force: The SOGI Taskforce works to foster inclusion within the association and its actions and policies, as well as in the greater WNY community. Additionally, they aim to facilitate connection between PAWNY and the LGBTQIA2+ community.
  • Social Committee: Plan various social gatherings/events throughout the year, including the Annual Dinner and monthly Happy Hours. These events are a great way to connect with local psychologists on a more personal level.
  • Student and Early Career Committee: Increase networking and connection between students and professional/psychologist PAWNY members and Increase student participation in PAWNY and greater community events.

Attend PAWNY Events:

  • Happy Hours: The Social Committee hosts monthly “happy hour” events which are a great way to connect with psychologists in the community.
  • Annual Spring Conference: Each spring, the Program and Education Committee presents a Spring Conference. This event is great for learning something new, connecting with other mental health professionals in the area, and obtaining CE credits (once licensed).
  • Annual Dinner: The Annual Dinner is held each year in June. Attending this event is a great way to network and learn more about the association.
  • Student Research Night: Show off all of your hard work! Participating in the Student Research Night gives you an opportunity to showcase all of the interesting research you have been conducting during your time in graduate school. It also allows you the chance to see what other students/professionals in the area have been working on. Attend this event to meet other graduate students and share your work with local psychologists.

For more information on all of these events, check out the PAWNY calendar.

Doctoral Mentorship Program

Mentorship program created by the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion committee to provide support for ethnic/racial and/or those that identify as a sexual orientation/gender identity minority students (check back soon for more details.)

PAWNY Scholarship Award for Racial/Ethnic Minority Doctoral Candidates in Clinical & Counseling Psychology in WNY

Clinical and Counseling Psychology doctoral candidates have the opportunity to apply for PAWNY’s annual scholarship award which provides financial assistance to racial/ethnic minority students. Click here for more information and details on how to apply.

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