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PAWNY Membership is a great investment.  As a member, you are entitled to these benefits:

  • Access to the PAWNY listserv, connecting you with over 100 psychologists in the Western New York area, and a source for referrals, information sharing, and dissemination of professionally relevant topics.
  • Reduced fee to attend educational programs, with a range of programming that includes local experts nationally recognized on their field.
  • A wide range of social events, for an opportunity to connect with other psychologists personally as well as professionally.
  • Opportunities to meet with other practitioners in the Private Practice Discussion Group.
  • Monthly editions of the PAWNY Express Newsletter.
  • Your own customized listing on our community-accessible Find A Psychologist database
  • Two free classified listings per year on our website and in the PAWNY Express Newsletter
  • Participation in our Speaker’s Bureau. Your listing is accessible to the community.
  • Mentor/mentee services of interest to the senior professional and for the early career psychologist.
  • PAWNY strives to give WNY psychologists a recognizable, dependable professional profile in Western New York - a face that both the public and new psychologists can recognize.
  • PAWNY provides you with the opportunity to communicate, mingle and share information with your colleagues both professionally and socially.
  • Finally, it gives you the means to provide important psychological services to our Western New York community.

As a PAWNY member you make a statement that you are proud of your profession and are active in nurturing the presence of Psychology in its many rich and varied forms, here in our Western New York Region.

Membership runs from July 1st through June 30th but you may sign on at any time throughout the year! Early Bird Membership Renewal starts in May when you may sign up at a discount!

To be eligible for full membership PAWNY bylaws state that you must be:

· A full member of the APA, Canadian Psych Assoc., NYSPA, Nat'l Assoc of School Psych, NYS School Psych, Nat'l Assoc of School Psych, or APA-affiliated regional assoc.


· Hold a PhD in psych or a PsyD (for those who aren't members of the above)


· A certified or licensed psychologist or in a psychology specialty (i.e. school psychology)


If you are currently a psychologist, training to become one, or a member of our retired psychology community, please take the time to complete the membership form found below and join us!  We look forward to getting to know you.


Online Application/Renewal Form - When you apply online your information will be updated to the directory.

Printable Membership Application (PDF format)